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Learn about the fundamental shift in how chronic disease is measured and managed.

Allostatic Load and Chronic Disease

Chronic disease is on the rise and a new kind of healthcare practitioner that utilizes evidence-based assessment and natural approaches to improve the patient’s ability to adapt to stress (physical, chemical, mental, nutritional, traumatic, and psycho-spiritual) is emerging.

Watch our video to learn more about how this education series can benefit the millions of Americans that want real answers to their problems.

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Listen to experts in functional medicine talk about a variety of topics, including:

  • Support and management of the HPA Axis
  • Functional approach to endocrinology
  • Proven practice management tips
  • Implementing nutrition into your practice
  • Effective clinical use of herbs

Webinar replays are available in the schedule after the individual session. If you have questions for the presenter, please ask during the live webinar session.

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We have three live educational events designed to help you better understand hormones, herbs and cardiovascular health.

Add wellness products and services related to cyclical female hormones, western herbal combinations and cardiovascular screening. Click on these images to purchase tickets for these seminars.


Experts in Practice Management, Functional Testing, Herbs, Supplementation and Wellness:

Dr. Annette Schippel

Dr. Annette Schippel

Dr. Annette consults with health care practitioners regarding non-invasive methods for restoring endocrine health.

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Dr. Bill Hemmer

Dr. Bill Hemmer

Dr. Bill Hemmer is a passionate professional speaker, expert in practice management and runs a busy clinic in Tuscola, IL.

Visit Dr. Hemmer’s Website

Dr. Jill Balla Shaw

Dr. Jill Balla Shaw

Dr. Shaw has completed advanced training in therapeutic nutrition, pediatrics, natural fertility, prenatal care and certified in Webster Technique.

Visit Dr. Shaw’s Website

Dr. Ronda Nelson

Dr. Ronda Nelson

Ronda Nelson, PhD is a traditional naturopathic doctor and master herbalist with a thriving practice centered on functional endocrinology and lifestyle modification. Her primary focus is aimed at uncovering and addressing the underlying causes of thyroid disorders.

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Lee Carol

Lee Carol

Working alongside world leading herbalists, Lee has developed a unique insight into the clinical application of evidence-based herbal medicine.

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